Bear Street Chiropractic Clinic

34c Bear Street, Barnstaple, North Devon  Tel: (01271) 328068


Dr Adam Newman BSc (Hons) DC Doctor of Chiropractic.Adam grew up in North Devon and always had an interest in health care, especially natural health. He had suffered with neck and low back pain from school age, which gradually worsened over many years. Adam sought solutions through the conventional medical approaches of pain medication and anti inflammatory drugs but this did not help his condition. On the advice of his doctor, he undertook several courses of Physiotherapy. This gave only temporary relief and in some ways worsened the symptoms, particularly neck pain.

Living near the coast, Adam developed a keen interest in surfing. He started participating in surf competitions but realised that the neck and low back pain were affecting his performance as well as lifestyle. Eventually a friend recommended he try Chiropractic care and after only a few visits to Chiropractor Ken Vagg, in Barnstaple, the neck and low back pain eased. Over the following months the improvements continued and with those improvements came increased energy, general health and vitality, which reflected in his surfing performance by achieving a position of number 6 in the UK Wave ski surfing rankings. After 18 years of back and neck problems, he had found solutions by discovering Chiropractic.

As his interest in natural health care increased, Adam decided to return to education, completing ‘A’ levels in Barnstaple. He then secured a place at Chiropractic College in South Wales and after 5 years of study, graduated. He was offered a place working in Sussex for his former Chiropractor where he also completed his formal Chiropractic education.
When his son was born in June 2004 and missing the West Country lifestyle, he moved to Cornwall and later back to Barnstaple in North Devon, taking over a small practise in Ilfracombe, which he expanded and eventually relocated to Marlborough Road renaming it Ilfracombe Chiropractic Clinic. He brings up his son in the “Chiropractic lifestyle” with regular spinal adjustments, no medications or vaccinations drugs, a natural healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

“I feel that Chiropractic chose me and I am devoted to helping people in North Devon improve their lives and optimise their potential. Opening a Chiropractic Clinic here in Barnstaple is an opportunity to help more people and change more lives”.

“My aim at both the Bear Street and Ilfracombe clinics is to improve the lives of my patients. With over ten years of clinical experience, I have noticed that the majority of people have tried many treatments for their problems, both medical and alternative; usually over many years, and have found that their problems keep re-occurring time after time. I strive to find solutions that work and last. I use a variety of techniques, including low force methods, to get your spine and nervous system back into optimum function so you can be at your best. My speciality is spinal corrective techniques, particularly the Chiropractic Biophysics technique, which is one of the most thoroughly researched techniques in Chiropractic today”.